Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Cone of Silence Almost Here

There was an article in today yesterday's New York Times, No Privacy in Your Cubicle? Try an Electronic Silencer, by John Markoff, about a cool new gadget. I'm always on the look out for new gadgets I like, so I know exactly what toys I want when I hit the lottery.

Apparently, this little doodad called The Babble, that looks like a box or one of those aromatherapy-spa thingys, scrambles your voice to people around you when you are on the phone or in the cube farm. Way cool. The product is created by a company affiliated with Herman Miller, the folks who make those chairs that makes your butt feel like it's in a hammock.

Picture of the Babble

Looks like the entry price will be around $400, but I'll wait until it comes down under $200 before I give it a serious look. The Sonare Technologies website says they'll be demoing the device at the upcoming NeoCon World's Trade Fair show in Chicago on June 13th.. I wish I could be there to hear how it sounds. Right now, I'm picturing the voices of the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon.

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