Monday, February 13, 2006

Genuflecting and Intelligently Designing the American Empire

Thomas Paine Corner

Two thought provoking articles recently published by Jason Miller of the "Thomas Paine Corner" blog. I found his blog from one of my favorite sites to read New York Times Editorials, Topple Bush. (By the way, Peking Duck is another good blog to catch the editorials & comment on them with other readers.)

Why I Now Genuflect to Charles Krauthammer published Wednesday, January 25, 2006 was a twisted take on a very topical issue. Exactly, how true is the statement, "the world will always owe America a huge debt of gratitude for all the good things we have done”?

Mr. Miller actually topped himself with the next article he published, “Evolution IS Intelligently Designed: Social Darwinism, Silver Spoons, and Our Emperor’s Call to Arms to Sustain the Rich: The State of the Empire Address” on Friday, February 03, 2006. Even though it was lunch time at work, I snorted so much (in appreciation) while reading reading my co-workers were starting to be concerned. Looks like this is the third in a series of articles on the American empire.

I can't wait to see what comes out next from the mind of Jason Miller. I think I'll dip into Obedient Slaves Have Nothing to Fear, next. I already feel a frisson of anticipation coming on.