Thursday, May 26, 2005

Slowness Immortalized

Every now and then I look myself up on Google. Usually, I don't even make the first page when I put in "Debra Evans". There are other more accomplished women with that name that come up first. Not only do I have to confront my relative lack of professional attainment when ever I do the search, but a couple of the women seem to be around my age. One even works in software development.

I did find one article that I didn't even know existed. I remember talking to a report for The Sun local paper, but I never followed up to see if anything came of it. I'm happy to say it did, in the form of the article, City looks for resident help in redesigning main website. I was glad to see that some of my suggestions made it to the redesigned Sunnyvale City website, especially the part about incorporating more local pictures.

The Sun Article Where I'm Quoted

The Sun Article Where I'm Quoted

The topic of this posting comes from the fact that I also found my times for a couple of "walk-a-thons" I did with my dog, Culo. The more fun ones like Mutt Strutt, put on by the Peninsula Humane Society don't keep track of time. 5K Dogs Best Friend put on by Palo Alto, 2001 59:42 & 2002 56:40. Hmm, I guess I didn't turn in my number correctly on the other years. No biggie. I obviously got put in the wrong category for the Moonlight Run and Walk in 2001 since my time shows up as 29:28. This one is fun since you get to walk in the pitch dark out on the Bay Lands.

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