Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stalking Horse is a Spoiler

I didn't know there was an official name for a political spoiler until today. You know, the candidate that is similar to another, more popular candidate of one of the major parties. Usually the spoiler only differs in a hand full of points from the main party candidates. In all cases, the spoiler is always, without exception, running for ego driven, self-aggrandizement purposes. Otherwise, they'd focus on getting their "team member" elected and work with the major candidate's administration to get their points of views worked on from within the system.

The bad thing (at least when it's your party) about the spoiler is that they drain away enough votes from their ideological peer to allow the opposition party to win. Think Ralph Nader's affect on Al Gore's chances for United States president in 2000.

Thanks to Anu Garg's A Word A Day email, now I know the official word for political spoiler.

Stalking Horse 1

MEANING: noun:

1. Something used to mask the true purpose.

2. A candidate put forward in an election to draw votes from another or to conceal another's potential candidacy.

ETYMOLOGY: After the former practice of bird hunters of hiding behind a horse (or a decoy) until he had reached within close range of prey.
This week's theme: words about government, politics, and elections.

Stalking Horse 2

1. Something used to cover one's true purpose; a decoy.

2. A sham candidate put forward to conceal the candidacy of another or to divide the opposition.

3. A horse trained to conceal the hunter while stalking. A canvas screen made in the figure of a horse, used for similar concealment.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Culo in Bing Beanie

Earlier today, I went to the Lunch 2.0 at Bing! Celebrating 6 month launch with Twitter at Powerset’s office in San Francisco CA.

Hallway Leading to Powerset

Hallway Leading to Powerset on Brannen Street in San Francisco

Bing provided lunch

For lunch I had green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, grapeful fruit salad, macaroni and cheese, Medateranian chicken sandwich with Kerns peach nectar drink. Thanks for the grub, Bing.

The most fun part of the event was dressing Culo in the swag beanie and taking some thuggish photos. So menacing, so cute.

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Left

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Left

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Right

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Right

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking For Escape Route

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking For Escape Route

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking Like a Wise Old Man

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking Like a Wise Old Man. Eye booger and all.

Culo Mean Mugging in Bing Beanie.  Looking Through with Whole Experience

Culo Mean Mugging in Bing Beanie. Looking Through with Whole Experience

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Climate Shill at Mother Jones

In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to hash out a climate treaty that will shape our planet for generations to come. Our special climate issue features four different children on the cover to dramatize the point that we're gambling with their future. ~ Mother Jones

MoJo's Next Top Cover Models

Wed October 21, 2009 3:09 PM PST

World leaders are about to start negotiating what's likely our last best chance to avert catastrophic climate change—a global treaty to bring down carbon emissions. The stakes are huge, and yet so far it's politics as usual, and conventional wisdom has it that there won't be a deal.

Want to remind your politicians (and your friends) that this is not about special interests, but the future of all of us? And also have a whole lot of fun? Try our interactive application where you can create a personalized cover of Mother Jones' special issue on climate. In less than 24 hours, Mother Jones readers have made close to a thousand covers. Here are some:


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cloud Computing and The Weirdest Clouds that You’ll Ever See

Since I've been working on the CSix Cloud Computing SIG website the past two weeks, I have clouds on the brain. Although the clouds in the sky don't have much to do with
topics relating to educational, networking and career transformation opportunities in Cloud Computing, virtualization, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Software Frameworks and Web services areas.

I still like looking at them.

I loved this article on The Weirdest Clouds that You’ll Ever See on Webdesigner Depot. So many very amazing pictures of clouds.