Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Facebook Name Analyzer

Fun name analyzer on Facebook. Sometimes the quizzes or analysis on the social networking site are lame, but this one is pretty fun. I can live with these results.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cacography - Bad Writing - Spelling

I love this word because I'm a bad speller. Who knew such a perfect word existed?



1. Bad handwriting.
2. Incorrect spelling.

From caco- (bad), from Greek kakos (bad) + -graphy (writing). Caco is ultimately from the Indo-European root kakka-/kaka- (to defecate) which also gave us poppycock, cacophony, and cucking stool. Opposites of today's word are calligraphy (beautiful handwriting) and orthography (correct spelling). A related word is cacology.

"Before I could think of quitting, my boss enlightened me on the virtues of my handwriting, which was sheer cacography: 'Your writing is in direct competition with the Harappan script that still had the hope of being deciphered in the distant future.'"
Vikram Kumar; Positions Very Vacant; The Hindustan Times (New Delhi, India); Apr 15, 2008.

"They [Nerds Inc.] have taken advantage of cacography in a novel way. ... They registered more than 90 of the most probable misspellings of popular Web addresses afforded by the QWERTY keyboard, for processing by typo.net."

Thomas W. Holcomb Jr.; Nerds Inc. Turns Typos Into On-Line Advertising; The New York Times; Jun 2, 1997.

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