Friday, December 31, 2010

Culo Evans 1997-2010 - That's All Folks

I met Culo, then known as Jack, at the old Humane Society Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA, summer 1997.

December 5, 1997, almost 1 year

October 23, 2003, age 6

December 31, 2010, age 13

For the last 13 years, I've had to factor in the health and well being of my dog Culo into almost every decision made about my life. Everything from fabrics of clothing to furniture placement to work locations to vacations. Today, that lifestyle came to an end. My roommate, companion and walking buddy died at 9:30 am at Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic in Sunnyvale. The euthanasia (Euthanasia... What To Expect by DrTJDunnJr) administered by Dr. Karen Lee (Dr. Ken Stewart, Culo's usual vet was out) was very quick and humane. I was in the room when the shots were given.

Post Secret 9-13-9

I'm very sad and a little at loose ends now that Culo is gone. For instance, 6 pm used to be his dinner time. As I'm writing this, it's 6:15 pm but it doesn't mean anything special any more. I keep expecting to see him peeking at me around corners or nudging the back of my legs so I'll pet him. I still find myself watching where I step even though there's no little 25 pound dog I may smoosh. The mornings in the bathroom will be different since Culo will no longer put his paws on my lap to get petted. Or stick his nose into the shower steam to see what's going on.

Culo's last illness was an aggressive cancerous tumor in his nasal cavity.

Cancer in the sense of body cells that turn on the host and gradually destroy formerly healthy material.

The trouble started out as sneezes and weird wet sounds in his chest and throat area. By the end, the tumor almost totally blocked his breathing. Instead of switching to mouth breathing, sometimes Culo's whole body would shake in the effort to get air through his nose. To me, it sounded like a duck quacking. He would only pant with his mouth as a last resort. On the last day, he'd figured out a kind of perpetual throaty growl as a way to breath through his mouth. Poor boy was working way to hard at existing. The bloody globs he was exhaling all over the house didn't help. Some patches look like scatter diagrams.

The cancer also caused the bone in the front part of his head to crumble. In the last week, his face area noticeably lost its former shape and structure. The bump between his eyes became bigger and reader.. Plus a pinched nerve made his left eye bulge and forced his third eyelid to stick in the up position.

Bones in face shifted.

3rd Eye Lid Stuck

Even though I miss Culo, I'm so happy he's not in pain and discomfort anymore.

When I get his cremation ashes back in January, I plan to turn them into a gem such as Pet-Gems or LifeGem. That way, I can have him with me without it being creepy like taxidermy or an urn filled with dusty ashes.

It looks like my vet donates used pet supplies to Pets In Need Redwood City. Perhaps they'll take Culo's old stuff?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Sustainability Specialist Thomas Loxley Rosenberg Guest Speaker 2-19-10

I made the following post at the CSix Cloud Computing Announcement Page. I'm copying here in case people don't see it there. Be sure to check out the Cloud SIG main website and Facebook page too.

Energy, Climate Change & Environmental Sustainability Specialist Thomas Loxley Rosenberg presented the following slides to the CSix Cloud Computing SIG during our regular Friday meeting 2-19-10.

Environmental Sustainability and Cloud Computing

  • What is environmental sustainability?
  • The business case for environmental sustainability
  • Sustainability and IT
  • Sustainability and Cloud Computing

View and download presentation here.

The meeting notes taken by Taff contain some useful information discussed during the presentation.

Debra Evans comments on event
  • I met Thomas during a event at B4Twelve Ultra Lounge in Palo Alto CA. I didn't see Google or Tesla Motors as promised, but I did meet someone interesting.
  • We did the typical networking routine of introducing ourselves and talk about what we did or are interested in.
  • I knew Thomas' area of expertise would be a good compliment to the Cloud Computing SIG
  • Luckily, Thomas agreed to give an exciting and informative talk on Environmental Sustainability and Cloud Computing
  • Even though Social Media and other Cloud based companies are considered green and environmentally friendly, that common wisdom isn't necessarily true
    • Most IT hardware, upon which the Web depends, is not easily recyclable. In fact, some elements are toxic to humans.
    • Data centers that online companies, such as Facebook, rely on coal power plants to run the servers.
  • Holistically managing the eco-efficiency (energy consumption, emissions) of ICT (information
    and communication technologies
    ), can reduce at least 15% of greenhouse gases produced by non IT sources.
  • Discussed how the CLUMEQ Supercomputing Center convective air cooled data center, in collaboration with Sun, has rethought the whole concept of managing server farms.

An innovative, energy-efficient cooling enclosure leveraging a 3-level cylindrical floor plan with up to 1.5 megawatts of cooling capacity and space to host up to 56 standard-sized racks. Free cooling conditions the air inside the silo by using cooler outside ambient air, along with a system of water filled pipes and coils, drizzle humidifiers and very high-efficiency fans.

Photos from Old Saratoga Post Office Cloud Computing SIG Meeting

Thomas L. Rosenberg, Taff Dirks, Julie McDaniel

Thomas L. Rosenberg, Taff Dirks, Julie McDaniel Setting up presentation laptop & projector

Thomas Loxley Rosenberg, Opening Presentation Slide

Thomas Loxley Rosenberg, Opening Presentation Slide

Thomas Loxley Rosenberg, What is Environmental Sustainability?

Thomas Loxley Rosenberg, What is Environmental Sustainability?

Mo Aidi, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Mo Aidi, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Sherwin Deng, Taff Dirks, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Ed Leung, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Sherwin Deng, Taff Dirks, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Ed Leung, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Sherwin Deng, Taff Dirks, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Ed Leung, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Sherwin Deng, Taff Dirks, Thomas L. Rosenberg, Ed Leung, Speaking to SIG Members after Presentation

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cloud Computing meets Smarter Planet Initiative

I made the following post at the CSix Cloud Computing SIG blog. I'm copying here in case people don't see it there. Be sure to check out the Cloud SIG main website and Facebook page too.

Earlier this week, I attended an IEEE Cloud Computing meets IBM's Smarter Planet Initiative event put on by the Santa Clara Valley Chapter Computer Society. The speaker, Lennart Frantzell, PhD of the IBM Innovation Center, San Mateo, has the goal of pushing technology until computers replace mankind.

Cloud Computing Adds Value in Specific Ways
Cloud Computing Adds Value in Specific Ways

The core of Cloud Computing made up of
- virtual machines
- high capacity broadband
- open source SW
- smartphones
- app stores such as Amazon Web Services (AWS)

I liked how Lennart Frantzell tied in current trends of smartphones and social networking to the growth of cloud computing. Without demand for more bandwidth and vendor neutral infrastructure by web users, the challenge of cloud computing activity may have stayed in the enterprise domain. Social networking is driving the growth of cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Globalization and Globally Available Resources
Cloud Computing Globalization and Globally Available Resources

Frantzell explained how IBM Innovation Centers play a role in expanding the global digital infrastructure. A behind the scenes innovator in converting the world from analog to digital. The demo of one hospital based Cloud Computing implementation looked a lot like Big Brother. Wearable tracking systems allow computers to determine how well a doctor sticks to a predetermined checklist. Medical practitioners are at risk for being beeped at for failing to wash their hands long enough. The level of remote monitoring gave me shivers. Other remote management, like reading energy meters, are less intrusive.

Lennart Frantzell also discussed the differences between private clouds, public clouds and hybrid clouds and how they interact. Hybrid and public clouds can act as storage or computing capacity backup or fail over. Hybrid and public clouds give enterprises the flexibility to have an internal private cloud as well immediate ability to absorb short term spike in need.

Three co-existing Cloud Computing delivery models
Three co-existing Cloud Computing delivery models

Post by devans00

Abstract of Talk

As the world becomes more and more global, integrated and "flat", it is also facing an array of problems: a financial crisis, climate disruption, energy geopolitics, food supply hazards etc. This is coinciding with technological innovations such as the following developments that can assist in resolving these problems:

The world is becoming instrumented. There are a billion transistors per human, each one costing one ten millionth of a cent.

Cloud computing and mobile computing are changing how software is deployed and used throughout the world.

IBM presentations of their cloud computing offerings available on cloud homepage.

All things are becoming intelligent. Algorithms and powerful systems turn those mountains of data into decisions and actions that can make the world work better. Smarter.

As the world's leading globally integrated IT company, IBM is attempting to use modern IT technology to tackle many of the world's problems. In this presentation, Lennart Frantzell will talk about IBM's global smarter planet initiative in its quest to make the world a smarter place.

About the Speaker
Lennart Frantzell, PhD, is a technical consultant at the IBM Innovation Center, San Mateo. He works with IBM Business Partners and startup companies in the IBM smarter planet initiative. The IBM Innovation Centers is a world-wide network of IBM business partner centers that provide business- and technical support to help companies get started and deploy applications in the IBM smarter planet space.

Lennart Frantzell has expertise in Cloud Computing, IBM Industry Frameworks, IBM Tivoli systems management, WebSphere and other IBM middleware products. He has worked in artificial intelligence, object-oriented programming and computer games.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Silicon Valley Organizing Relief Efforts for Haiti

Silicon Valley groups, individuals organizing relief efforts for Haiti | San Jose Mercury News

Updated: 01/15/2010 02:59:22 PM PST

Donations for the relief effort in Haiti have been pouring in from throughout Silicon Valley as children, adults and companies have responded to the devastating earthquake that struck near the capital of Port-Au-Prince.

From the latest innovation of text donations to the old fashioned writing a check, valley residents have already pledged tens of thousands of dollars to help the stricken country.

"The money is coming in so fast," said Cynthia Shaw, spokeswoman for the American Red Cross Silicon Valley Chapter. "Locally, people have been very generous. Some companies are offering matching donations. The big thing we've noticed is the text to donate phenomenon."

Silicon Valley residents have taken advantage of an effortless donation process that allows them to make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross by texting "Haiti" to 90999. The money is automatically added to their cell phone bills. As of Friday morning, Californians had donated about $1.5 million by texting their donations, Shaw said.

The American Red Cross has committed $10 million for immediate relief efforts in Haiti.

The Silicon Valley Community Foundation's Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund is matching up to $100,000 in donations from donors, corporations and the community. The organization met its first $50,000 match in 24 hours, with the matching funds provided by the Irene S. Scully Fund. The second $50,000 matching program, announced Friday, was provided by the Lieve


Roelandt Foundation. Donations will be sent to organizations working to provide critical assistance in Haiti, according to the Silicon Valley foundation.

"We're seeing the generosity of our community from all quarters," said Emmett Carson, CEO and president of the community foundation, adding that donations have been received from corporations, individual donors, kids and adults.

Other Silicon Valley companies, including Yahoo, have created matching donation programs for employees.

Some Bay Area residents have created their own personal giving pages to help raise money. Sheila Dowd of San Jose, who along with Cat Lincoln and Stefania Pomponi Butler operate Clever Girls Collective, a social media consulting group, wanted to make a small contribution. Because the women often have weekly online events, such as watching "Project Runway" and tweeting about who should be voted out, they used the opportunity to raise money online.

The women set up a giving page through and promised to match $250 in donations. They got the word out to family and friends through Twitter and Facebook.

"Money is tight, but what do know how to do is organize people online," Dowd said. "We were watching Project Runway and at the same time make it socially conscious. We encouraged all of our folks to give money."

By Friday afternoon, the women had raised $620 and planned take advantage of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation's matching donation program.

The Stanford University School of Medicine, the Department of Medicine and Stanford Hospital & Clinics have offered a $25,000 matching program to the medical center community. Those funds will support patient care at Hopital Albert Schweitzer in Port-au-Prince, which withstood the Tuesday quake and is functioning as a major treatment center for mass casualties. It remains one of the few institutions providing care for the many thousands of individuals injured in the calamity, according to a Stanford press release.

The San Jose Giants will be donating $1,000 to the relief efforts.

Plastic Jungle, a Mountain-View based company, is allowing people to turn gift cards into cash donations for the American Red Cross Santa Barbara County Chapter.

Not all of the Bay Area's earthquake relief efforts are donation-driven.

At MedShare's 32,000-square foot distribution center in San Leandro, a 40-foot container filled with requested medical supplies was scheduled to ship to Haiti on Friday, sponsored by Rotary International. The supplies were donated by 20 Northern California hospitals.

The FBI is warning people to be wary of online scammers who are seeking donations through unsolicted e-mail requests.

Contact Mark Gomez at 408-920-5869.

How to donate

To make a $10 donation to the American Red Cross, text "Haiti" to 90999 and the money will automatically be added to your cell phone bill. Donations can be made online or over the phone, 1-877-727-6771.

To make a donation through the Silicon Valley Community Foundation"s matching funds program, go to and click on Donate Now or call 650-450-5444. Checks also can be mailed to Silicon Valley Community Foundation, 2440 West El Camino Real, Suite 300, Mountain View, CA, 94040, attn: "Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund."

To donate or learn more about MedShare"s relief efforts in Haiti visit the Web site at
To turn a gift card into a donation to the American Red Cross, visit



On Twitter

Media outlets that have staff in Haiti. Reporting and hopefully helping. Sometimes the mainstream media gets on my nerves. But in times like this, they have the resources and connections to get in there and make things happen.

Wyclef Jean and Family

I donated via text message to Wyclef Jean's YELE organization, text “yele” to 501501 to donate $5 to the YĆ©le Haiti Earthquake Fund. Not only has Wyclef been a champion for Haiti for years, his uncle, Raymond Joseph, is Haitian ambassador to the United States.

Mr. Joseph was the gentleman who elegantly slammed religious charlatan Pat Robertson who said Haiti made a deal with the devil. Mr. Joseph responded on The Rachel Maddow Show to Robertson's extreme hatefulness and ignorance with dignity and high self worth.


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Rachel Maddow called Robertson "the unintended consequence of the First Amendment."


Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Besides a Red Cross or Doctors without Borders, he has the most credibility in sincerely wanting to help.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Stalking Horse is a Spoiler

I didn't know there was an official name for a political spoiler until today. You know, the candidate that is similar to another, more popular candidate of one of the major parties. Usually the spoiler only differs in a hand full of points from the main party candidates. In all cases, the spoiler is always, without exception, running for ego driven, self-aggrandizement purposes. Otherwise, they'd focus on getting their "team member" elected and work with the major candidate's administration to get their points of views worked on from within the system.

The bad thing (at least when it's your party) about the spoiler is that they drain away enough votes from their ideological peer to allow the opposition party to win. Think Ralph Nader's affect on Al Gore's chances for United States president in 2000.

Thanks to Anu Garg's A Word A Day email, now I know the official word for political spoiler.

Stalking Horse 1

MEANING: noun:

1. Something used to mask the true purpose.

2. A candidate put forward in an election to draw votes from another or to conceal another's potential candidacy.

ETYMOLOGY: After the former practice of bird hunters of hiding behind a horse (or a decoy) until he had reached within close range of prey.
This week's theme: words about government, politics, and elections.

Stalking Horse 2

1. Something used to cover one's true purpose; a decoy.

2. A sham candidate put forward to conceal the candidacy of another or to divide the opposition.

3. A horse trained to conceal the hunter while stalking. A canvas screen made in the figure of a horse, used for similar concealment.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Culo in Bing Beanie

Earlier today, I went to the Lunch 2.0 at Bing! Celebrating 6 month launch with Twitter at Powerset’s office in San Francisco CA.

Hallway Leading to Powerset

Hallway Leading to Powerset on Brannen Street in San Francisco

Bing provided lunch

For lunch I had green salad with balsamic vinaigrette, grapeful fruit salad, macaroni and cheese, Medateranian chicken sandwich with Kerns peach nectar drink. Thanks for the grub, Bing.

The most fun part of the event was dressing Culo in the swag beanie and taking some thuggish photos. So menacing, so cute.

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Left

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Left

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Right

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking to Right

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking For Escape Route

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking For Escape Route

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking Like a Wise Old Man

Culo in Bing Beanie Looking Like a Wise Old Man. Eye booger and all.

Culo Mean Mugging in Bing Beanie.  Looking Through with Whole Experience

Culo Mean Mugging in Bing Beanie. Looking Through with Whole Experience

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Climate Shill at Mother Jones

In December, world leaders will meet in Copenhagen to hash out a climate treaty that will shape our planet for generations to come. Our special climate issue features four different children on the cover to dramatize the point that we're gambling with their future. ~ Mother Jones

MoJo's Next Top Cover Models

Wed October 21, 2009 3:09 PM PST

World leaders are about to start negotiating what's likely our last best chance to avert catastrophic climate change—a global treaty to bring down carbon emissions. The stakes are huge, and yet so far it's politics as usual, and conventional wisdom has it that there won't be a deal.

Want to remind your politicians (and your friends) that this is not about special interests, but the future of all of us? And also have a whole lot of fun? Try our interactive application where you can create a personalized cover of Mother Jones' special issue on climate. In less than 24 hours, Mother Jones readers have made close to a thousand covers. Here are some:


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Cloud Computing and The Weirdest Clouds that You’ll Ever See

Since I've been working on the CSix Cloud Computing SIG website the past two weeks, I have clouds on the brain. Although the clouds in the sky don't have much to do with
topics relating to educational, networking and career transformation opportunities in Cloud Computing, virtualization, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Software Frameworks and Web services areas.

I still like looking at them.

I loved this article on The Weirdest Clouds that You’ll Ever See on Webdesigner Depot. So many very amazing pictures of clouds.