Tuesday, May 10, 2005

SD Forum Business Blogging

Last night, Robin Stavisky, Founder and Managing Partner of New Venture Marketing, gave a great talk on business blogging. Marketing SIG: Business Blogging for High Tech Companies was hosted by SDForum and held at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto. It motivatived me to find out more about the Blogosphere and resurrect my blog to be more interactive. I can't wait to evolve this bad boy to add more of the latest bells and whistles.

I met a couple of interesting people. One was, Athol M. Foden. I had taken at least one UCSC Extension Marketing class from him. Now he has his own company, The Silicon Valley Marketeer in addition to consulting and teaching. Another was Mary Sullivan, who does Product Marketing & Competitive Intelligence for KickStart Alliance. Mary gave me a great lead to
Women in Consulting. Now I'm so glad I didn't sit in my chair reading back issues of eWeek liked I planned to do.

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I'm so glad you were inspired. Thank you for your participation last night.

Much success!

PS I tried to leave this as a comment on your site and was not allowed. I did, however, put it on mine.
Robin D. Stavisky
Managing Partner
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