Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today, at the One Brick picnic, there was a great, only in Silicon Valley moment.

We had "picnic" games like 3 legged race, sack race, hula hoop contest, water gun fights, etc. One of the games was tug-o-war, over a kiddie pool of ice water. After one of the tug-o-war sessions, the losing team all fell or got dragged a few feet on the grass. After everyone got up and went to talk to the other side there were two things left on the losing side. The rope and a Treo.

The organizers spent the next 10 minutes going around the picnic yelling "Who's phone is this? Someone lost their phone at the tug-o-war." Where else on the planet, would someone lose their smartphone, in a tug-o-war competition and not notice for over 10 minutes?

OK, I guess you had to be there. It was funny at the time.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Logical Reason Pretty Boys Look Good

This article talks about how women are programmed or hard wired to consider some men more attractive than others. It's interesting how the theory holds true, regardless of the race or ethnicity of the man.

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Study: Chick Magnets Today Look Like Cavemen

A recent study of the skulls of human ancestors and modern humans finds that women, and thereby, evolution, selected for males with relatively short upper faces. The region between the brow and the upper-lip is scrunched proportionately to the overall size of their heads.

Masculine appeal

"A shorter upper face does serve to exaggerate the size of other face features such as the flare of the cheeks and the size of the jaw, but this might not be why it developed," Weston told LiveScience. "Rather the shorter [and] broader the male face the more ‘masculine’ and the less ‘feminine'—based on biological face changes that take place during growth and development—the individual becomes," she said.

They came up with a list of stars with masculine faces, listing them from most to least masculine according to facial dimensions: Will Smith, Peter Andre, Justin Timberlake, Thierry Henry, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Kanye West.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007