Friday, May 13, 2005

Just Because Something's True Doesn't Mean We Have to Acknowledge It

I got a kick out of the Jay Bookman article, When Facts Don't Match Beliefs, Reality Sometimes Twisted. (Jay has been described as a progressive Associate Editor of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, so that tells you a little about his spin on things.) The article talks about
how Dubya Bush's administration comes up with a version of reality and acts according
to the stories they tell themselves. Even when facts surface that contradict the made up reality, the adminstration tends to steamroll ahead with the original plan. At least until they change their story about their original goal. Like the love of democracy was the primary reason for going to Iraq.

Anyways, I think this quote from Mr. Bookman is one of the biggest understatements of the year:

Every administration tries to manipulate public perception, but this is
something different. In many cases, this administration actually believes
in the false reality it tries so hard to create. It weaves an illusion around
itself of how the world really works, then makes policy based on that illusion.
In time, that must inevitably lead to big trouble.

I'd like to see Jay Bookman on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. It'd be fun to watch them spar. I like the show better when they have authors, pundits or other people with points of view rather than bubble headed entertainers. Don't take this to mean I dislike all actors/actresses, singers and sports stars on the Daily Show. I don't. I just get annoyed by inarticulate ones and who can't string together a coherent thought. So many times, a Jon has finished up with a guest and I sat there thinking, "What the hell was that about?"

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Bryce said...

Good blog! Jay Bookman is rapidly moving up on my list of favorite newspaper columnists. I just posted another of his columns on my blogsite, . That's three columns of his I've posted in the past two weeks.