Wednesday, June 29, 2005

FutureCatalyst Brainstorming Salons

Tonight I went to an interesting networking event put on by FutureCatalyst, hosted by The Hayden Group.

FutureCatalyst Logo

Even though the Craigslist posting described it a place to brainstorm ideas on a sheet of paper placed on the wall. In reality, it's more networking and schmoozing than straight brainstorming or intellectual activities. Although the experience wasn't anything like the intellectual Salons I'd pictured, I did end up meeting some interesting people. Among the cool people was Sue Connolly, the founder of the KIT (Keep In Touch) list. The mailing list started as a contact list for ex-SGI employees and has grown into multiple jobs lists. It was great to meet a "valley legend" and exchange business cards. She also has her own marketing consulting company. The guest speaker tonight, Michael Johnson of Sales Solutions, was interesting too. He's a personable man who combines sales training with his Buddhist faith. His claim to fame is that he can convert people who aren't good at sales into top sellers.

All in all, even though
FutureCatalyst wasn't what I expected, I did get something out of my time. They meet every last Wednesday of the month, so I may go again another time.

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