Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Dream Gadgets on CNet

There's a fun set of articles goin right now on C|Net. Not only do they have a standard section called Gear Envy: Leave them Green with These Drool-Worthy Toys, but they have a special feature on Dream Gadgets. You can read other people's descriptions of Dream Gadgets they wished existed and comment on them. Of course you can add your own, too. I added my $0.02 to the Pimpable Mouse. The list was up to almost 300 gadgets the last time I looked.

In the same special features area celebrating the CNet 10 year anniversary, there is an article on Top 10 products of 1995. All of the players you expect, like eBay and Java, are there with a couple of suprises. As well as my all time Favorite, Netscape! I remember when I joined
Netscape in 1995, I used to go to the C|Net website often for market reasearch and to read articles on our company. I can't believe it's been 10 years.

Culo's Netscape Badge
My dog Culo even had a Netscape badge.

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