Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Cool Ass Sink and other Household Stuff

Omvivo Logo

"OMVIVO is a new brand and a new word for conscious (OM) living (VIVO)." thus spake lead designer Joseph Licciardi and so it is.

Omvivo is one of those cool ass home design places that make you wish you had a couple spare 100s of thousands of dollars laying around so you could get their stuff.
I found out about the line from a segment on my favorite HGTV show, I Want That!.

Gotta love that the whole bathroom category is called Wet.
Some of Omvivo products look flat, but they are actually working sinks. In fact, the sinks are so cool, they are called Washplanes rather than something as pedestrian and old school as a Sink.

Omvivo Lineae

Lineae, my favorite of the sinks. I love the textured glass and overall smoothness.

Omvivo Onda Yellow

Onda Yellow is fine, but I'd like a nice shade of blue instead. Something almost grey.

Omvivo Onda Clear

Goes without saying Onda Clear looks nice. This looks so easy to keep clean, I'm salivating with jealousy.

This Le Cob bathtub looks totally customizable. I'd take a double wide with blue tinged glass. The curvy part can stay white. Or maybe that opaque frosted glass. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Omvivo Le Cob Bath

But then again, it looks mighty slippery. Looks like you only have the faucet to grab on to when you get in and out. I wonder if the waterfall works without the bath being full? Too bad you can't see it.

Omvivo Chaise Lounge

Even though it looks like a slinky on it's side, the Omvivo Chaise Lounge is actually a chair.

Omvivo Chaise Lounge

Last but not least, I'm not exactly sure what to make of this last item. It looks phallic, but can you guess what it is?

Omvivo Ulisse Toilet Roll Holder

It's the Ulisse Toilet Roll Holder. Did you get it? Not quite sure how it works, but there ya go.

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