Friday, January 20, 2006

Calcified Stone Baby & One Eyed Kitten

Wow, gotta love the Internet. You can find out about ANYTHING if you know what to search for.

Earlier, I was watching an old episode of Law and Order Criminal Intent, "In the Dark" from October 2004. The twist had to do with a woman who was carrying a calcified baby. Of course, I was like, What the hell is that? So I immediately went over to Google and found this:
Stone Baby from 37-year-old Zairian female

and this

Stone Baby from 37-year-old Zairian female

HOLY MAN! Talk about nightmare producing images. I was too freaked out to do much other research, but here is the story and more pictures about this particular child from Zaire from
Stone Baby
by Dr. Andrew Folley


The patient is a 37-year-old Zairian female who lives in a village of Malongo at the headwaters of the Congo River. She presented with a relatively asymptomatic large abdominal mass. Examination revealed a distended abdomen with a very irregularly contoured mass present consistent with a large fibroid uterus 28-32 weeks size. The patient was having fairly regular periods. She has had eight previous pregnancies with five living children. Recommendation made for exploratory laparotomy through a midline incision with a working diagnosis of uterine leiomyomata.

Exploration through the midline incision revealed no free fluid present in the abdomen. The uterus and ovaries felt fairly normal to palpation. A large calcified spherical mass was delivered through the incision, enveloped with omental adhesions. At this point diagnosis was thought be possibly some type of splenic or mesenteric tumor. The diagnosis was finally made when a shoulder was delivered along with this mass. Finally, after the adhesions were removed, a four pound calcified fetus was removed. This appeared to be approximately a 32-week intra-abdominal pregnancy which had died and calcified.

In further questioning the patient, she stated that she had been pregnant about three years ago and everything seemed to be going fine, but "the baby never came out."
There's another trippy story at the Fuzzie Days blog. Of course there's no pictures to back it up, but I liked it anyway.
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Subject: Pregnant for 46 Years
Time: 11:47:00 PM EST
Author: xxhickeyzhoneyxx

I just watched the sickest show on TV tonight on Discovery Health Channel! It was about this foreign lady who 46 years ago was pregnant and went into labor for 48 hours, but couldn't deliver so they took her to the hospital and the doctors wanted to do a c-section, but the lady next to her died giving birth so she left the hospital. Two days afterwards she said the baby quit moving and went to sleep which meant it died. 46 years later she started to have labor pains again and her adopted son took her to several doctors to find a "mass" in her stomach. The mass of course was the fetus, but she didn't tell the doctors in was a baby. They finally figured out it was a baby after thinking it was cancer. They did a CT scan and the fetus had calcified and attached itself to her bladder and uterine wall. They did surgery to remove it and God it was sick! It looked like a white baby shaped rock. You know they just had to dissected it and it still had all it's organs. All I could think was how the hell did this women live with this dead calcified baby in her for 46 years. The crazy shit ppl do never cease to amaze me!
FREAKY DEAKY!! Was feeling like she was pregnant for over 45 years really worth it for the woman to avoid getting herself checked out? It's not like death from pregnancy complications are catching or something.

Anyway, since I was on the topic of unusual babies, I had to include the cyclops kitten. Even though every other person and their dog has a copy on their blog.

One Eyed, Cyclops Kitten

According to Yahoo's "One-Eyed Cat Had Medical Condition" article, the one-eyed kitten named Cy had a for his bizarre condition, "Holoprosencephaly". It causes facial deformities, according to the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke, part of the National Institutes of Health. In the worst cases, a single eye is located where the nose should be, according to the institute's Web site.

Traci Allen, 35-year-old from Redmond in central Oregon, says the kitten she named Cy, short for Cyclops, was born the night of Dec. 28 with the single eye and no nose. Allen said she stayed up all night with the deformed kitten on her recliner, feeding Cy a liquid formula through a syringe. She says she cared for the kitten the next day as well, until it died that evening.

I love the end of the article.
Meanwhile, Cy the one-eyed cat may be dead, but it has not left the building.

Allen said she's keeping the cat's corpse in her freezer for now, in case scientists would like it for research.

She said one thing's for certain: "I'm not going to put it on eBay."

Thank goodness there's at least one person who is not out to make a buck.


Erin said...

So, I just finished watching Law and Order: CI, and I immediately googled calcified babies. Your site was the third one I found, after the 2 you mentioned. I just thought I'd let you know there was another crazy Law and Order fan out there searching for calcified babies. :)

angieeeee said...

lol i just so happened to also watch that same law and order episode and also immediately googled calcified babies. heh heh we're weirdo's but at least its not just me!

Anna said...

same here... law & order rocks

Anonymous said...

Law and Order CI is my crack. Calcified babies are creepy.

Anonymous said...

and again..just finished watching that law & order episode & had to Google "Calcified baby"!! d-: How do they come up with this stuff??!

Ana said...

right, so the odd thing is that I wasn't searching for calcified babies or anything of the like. I was searching band names to make sure the one I was planning on using for the music I am making hasn't already been taken. And after searching the entire title I ran just 'Kitten Cosmos' just to be on the safe side and this was the third link that popped up and being the strangely curious and mildly morbid person I am simply had to read this-- top to bottom. Very interesting. I shall have to do more research as I've never heard of this before in my life!

Anonymous said...

The same Law and Order episode just led me to this very page! You can indeed find anything on the internet.

Anonymous said...

omg, i watched Law and Order alst night and thats why I looked it up.

We're sick :o)

Anonymous said...

Add me to the list of Law and Order Criminal Intent fans who did the same thing! :)

Anonymous said...

lol, count me in for the Law and Order searching group... too strange

zephere said...

:)i'm writing in from istanbul... just watched law & order...LOL

Lisa said...
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Sharmine said...

It Tue 21 May 2013 and I am watching Criminal Intent in the Caribbean. Saw that stone baby thing and immediately thought "total nonsense. Let me Google it".

And so I am here and it is true. Stranger than fiction