Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Why Not Watch Movies at the Theatre?

There was an interesting Blog posting by the Tech Republic Trivia Geek that I can totally get into. He talks about Moviegoers want quality? No fair! His basic points were:
  • There's always been sucky movies, so quality is not necessarily the reason revenues are going down.
  • The public doesn't necessarily want quality, they just don't want to pay $8-12 for crap.
  • If the movies are going to be on DVD in a matter of months , why fork over so much money for the "theater experience"?
  • The diversification of TV from the big three networks (ABC, NBC, CBS) to the cable and satellite world of hundred of channels changed expectations. Now that TV can cater to specific audiences and put out a higher quality entertainment product, people aren't so easily satisfied.
Even though these are all good points, I think it's something else. Including these points made by other posters:
  • Why spend over $40 for 2 people to watch craptastic movies, sit in germy seats and deal with noise makers.
  • Some of people's favorite TV shows are more important to watch in first run than to to catch a movie in theatre
I'm suprised the blog or the comments didn't mention the biggest abomination at theatres: COMMERCIALS. What horse's pattootie thought that people would be OK with paying to watch commercials? Especially when they have the nerve to play the exact same ads that come on TV. Commercials like local businesses, songs from movie soundtracks that play so loud you can't have a reasonable chat and "movie trivia" are just as bottom feeding intolerable. The only commercials I'm willing to sit through without seething resentment are the short films made by budding filmakers for a sponsor and trailers for new movies. THAT'S IT!!! Oh yeah, the concession stand ads are ok too.

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