Monday, August 22, 2005

So You Think You Can Dance Fanatic

I'm so into So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) it's not even funny.

So You Think You Can Dance Logo

I probably wouldn't be so into it except for the forum at Television Without Pity (TWOP), a forum site associated with Yahoo. The people who post on the
SYTYCD forum are sooooo funny and smart. It's totally addictive and I always laugh my butt off. Plus some of them are dancers or have relatives who are part of the dance community, so we sometimes get the inside scoop on contestants.

The posters feed off of each other. Like commenting on someone's funny comment with another funny comment. The attitude of the board is "If you don't have something nice to say, come sit by me." So you gotta love the snarky snipes and "Oh no they didn't!" comments.

Most of the general blog and forum postings I've seen on SYTYCD seem to be dominated by clueless teenagers. You can tell because their postings seem to be silly and superficial. The TWOP folks have a lot of insight on human nature along with interesting points of view.


Another cool thing about the TWOP folks is the great links they share. I found some other fun SYTYCD sites. It's a trip to see some of the competitors like Melody, Blake, Snow and Nick in different dance situations before they even thought of SYTYCD.

The best (worse?) blog is Not only does he have good wicked posts, but he also has video clips from the show. The bad thing is that he tracks other reality shows and you want to read those posts too, check out Bobby Brown's nasty foot. You can get lost down an Alice rabbit hole on Rickey's site. 5 minutes can turn into 2 hours.

On another board, someone mentioned the Pilobolus group, an modern dance troup. Or was that acrobatic dance troup?

I guess it's the kind of group the lyrical dancers aspire to. How can you not love a dance group named after a fungus. Looks like Pilobolus are coming out to the SF Bay area next January, I'll have to try to see them.

Highly trained dances are all well and good, but I like guys who know how to get their groove on, like this dude on the Steve Harvey Show.

Steve Harvey Dancin' Fool


Anonymous said...

why don't you link

Devans00 said...

Thanks Anonymous.

Mainly because the article was getting long. Here are some other Site I like but didn't include.,19736,1084993,00.html,9930,109705_11_0_,00.html

I may do another blurb later.