Thursday, September 17, 2009

Imma let you finish & NetflixBehind Scenes

My version of the Imma let You Finish graphic you can make at Kanyelicious. Like President Obama, I think Kanye West was a jackass for taking away Taylor Swift's glory when she won Best Female Video award at the MTV VMAs. So many people are angry at Kanye for his self absorbed jerkiness, the Urban Dictionary now has a definition for Imma Let You Finish. Last I checked 3887 people had voted up the word.

It's beside the point if I like Beyonce's Single Ladies video better or not, MTV decided to give Taylor Swift the award. Plus, is Kanye the only one who takes the award show seriously? Before high school, I had figured out that the "best" doesn't always win on those shows. Award shows tend to be public stroke sessions for the entertainment industry whether music, TV, movies or sports.

Today, one of my
Twitter Tweeps sent around a link about Netflix operations. Daily Entertainment in a Unique Way posted a bunch of pictures of the Netflix employees and pictures of returned movies in a huge warehouse.

My favorite part is the calisthenics exercise breaks. I know my butt aches after sitting so long, so I could appreciate that job perk. I'm so addicted to Netflix, I can't image my life without it.

Twitter is slowly becoming like that too. TweetDeck on the desktop

TweetDeck on Desktop

Echofon iPhone app

Echofon iPhone app

are my lifeblood to know what's going on. I've slowly but surely built a decent list of interesting people and organizations to follow. I get current event news before it shows up on media websites and I'm entertained 24/7.

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