Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chip Somodevilla Chimp Senator Joe Wilson


Photo by Kevin Hill
Photo by Kevin Hill

To review an image on the LCD screen of a digital camera after taking a photograph. In common usage among press photographers. The act was dubbed chimping after photographers were caught making monkey-like noises when they reviewed a good shot in their cameras.

1. The photographer chimped his double-play shots from the first base photo position.

2. The photographer was caught chimping on the sideline after a play and missed the interception shot.

Urban Dictionary

Photo by Anak Brunei
Photo by Anak Brunei

Autumn Leaf

Photo by Autumn Leaf

Picturing someone squinting at their camera while making monkey noises is hilarious. Common anywhere people are checking out the digital image just taken.

Photo by David Guan
Photo by David Guan

I found out about the unusual definition of chimping while reading Behind the Picture: You Lie, says Joe Wilson online at 1854 The British Journal of Photography. Photographer Chip Somodevilla describes how he captured one of the first newswire images of Representative
Joe Wilson
(R - SC) shrieking "You lie!" at President Brarack Obama during his speech to a joint session of the US Congress in the House of Representatives on September 9th.

Not only was Congressman Wilson's behavior a breach of decorum for how a representative of the American people is supposed to behave, even his wife Roxanne thinks he's a nut

Photo by Chip Somodevilla
Photo by Chip Somodevilla

Sadly, even though Wilson was in fact wrong and was formally rebuked by his peers in the House of Representatives, plenty of mental midgets and know nothing Republican numbnuts herald him as a hero and role model. Thanks to former far right wing insiders like Frank Schaeffer, we know that facts are irrelevant to certain segments of society, The 9/12 Marchers and the Far Right Subversives. It still bugs.

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