Friday, December 31, 2010

Culo Evans 1997-2010 - That's All Folks

I met Culo, then known as Jack, at the old Humane Society Silicon Valley in Santa Clara, CA, summer 1997.

December 5, 1997, almost 1 year

October 23, 2003, age 6

December 31, 2010, age 13

For the last 13 years, I've had to factor in the health and well being of my dog Culo into almost every decision made about my life. Everything from fabrics of clothing to furniture placement to work locations to vacations. Today, that lifestyle came to an end. My roommate, companion and walking buddy died at 9:30 am at Murphy Avenue Pet Clinic in Sunnyvale. The euthanasia (Euthanasia... What To Expect by DrTJDunnJr) administered by Dr. Karen Lee (Dr. Ken Stewart, Culo's usual vet was out) was very quick and humane. I was in the room when the shots were given.

Post Secret 9-13-9

I'm very sad and a little at loose ends now that Culo is gone. For instance, 6 pm used to be his dinner time. As I'm writing this, it's 6:15 pm but it doesn't mean anything special any more. I keep expecting to see him peeking at me around corners or nudging the back of my legs so I'll pet him. I still find myself watching where I step even though there's no little 25 pound dog I may smoosh. The mornings in the bathroom will be different since Culo will no longer put his paws on my lap to get petted. Or stick his nose into the shower steam to see what's going on.

Culo's last illness was an aggressive cancerous tumor in his nasal cavity.

Cancer in the sense of body cells that turn on the host and gradually destroy formerly healthy material.

The trouble started out as sneezes and weird wet sounds in his chest and throat area. By the end, the tumor almost totally blocked his breathing. Instead of switching to mouth breathing, sometimes Culo's whole body would shake in the effort to get air through his nose. To me, it sounded like a duck quacking. He would only pant with his mouth as a last resort. On the last day, he'd figured out a kind of perpetual throaty growl as a way to breath through his mouth. Poor boy was working way to hard at existing. The bloody globs he was exhaling all over the house didn't help. Some patches look like scatter diagrams.

The cancer also caused the bone in the front part of his head to crumble. In the last week, his face area noticeably lost its former shape and structure. The bump between his eyes became bigger and reader.. Plus a pinched nerve made his left eye bulge and forced his third eyelid to stick in the up position.

Bones in face shifted.

3rd Eye Lid Stuck

Even though I miss Culo, I'm so happy he's not in pain and discomfort anymore.

When I get his cremation ashes back in January, I plan to turn them into a gem such as Pet-Gems or LifeGem. That way, I can have him with me without it being creepy like taxidermy or an urn filled with dusty ashes.

It looks like my vet donates used pet supplies to Pets In Need Redwood City. Perhaps they'll take Culo's old stuff?

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