Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Helpful Twitter Job Search Links

Social Networking sites like Twitter Devans00Twitter and Facebook Facebook can be used for things other than goofing around and wasting time. Although taking stupid quizzes, checking out videos and other links are still fun.

If you are looking for web application or software development project management work like me or any job really, here are a few sites to help you look for work on the Twitter platform.

If you need help getting established on social networking sites and setting up a strategy for building your online brand, Inner Architect may be able to help. Susan Hanshaw and Dean Guadagni gave an excellent presentation, Using Social Media to Enhance the Project Management Experience, at PMI Silicon Valley last night. Great tips on how to get a lot out of existing sites like Twazzup.


Twitter Job Finder said...

People are definitely getting more serious about using social media for job searches. That's one reason we created Twitter Job Finder - to give people an easier way to get access to the wealth of job posts that would otherwise be tricky to find.

Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
Nowadays job search is easy one.