Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internet and Blog Etiquette

I post on a lot of boards on a lot of topics all over the internet. The worst part of the forums, other than the lame applications that eat your post before submitting it to the site, are the trolls. Trolls are the idiots who try to provoke you by calling you names, acting as if their opinion is the only valid thought on a topic or being rude and childish on the boards. It takes a lot of self control not to jump to the bait, but it helps if you picture some toady, fortish loser, with Cheeto fingers, typing away in his parents' basement in their discolored underwear. If you lower yourself to their level, you are even more pathetic than they are.

Trolls are the people I wish would learn and use Netiquette.

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From her website, Albion, one of the longest running commercial sites on the Internet.

A great starting point of how to behave online. Remember, what may feel good today may bomb your prospects in the future, so be careful.
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Mastering the ART of Netiquette (Internet blogging etiquette and more)

Back in 1990, the wondrously smart person Virginia Shea wrote The Core Rules of Netiquette.

NOTEMy Own Personal Netiquette and Internet Blogging Etiquette Good Behavior Tips

>> Netiquette Tip 10: Politeness costs nothing but delivers big.

>> Netiquette Tip 9: Satisfy your ego by MAKING achievements and NOT DEGRADING those who do (ie, don’t be a meanie!).

>> Netiquette Tip 8: Sit on your hands .

>> Netiquette Tip 7: Take BACK your own power .

>> Netiquette Tip 6: Remember the Internet is Timeless .

TimelessOnce you hit that POST button….your words are immortalized online.

>> Netiquette Tip 5: Treat others as you’d like to be treated yourself .

>> Netiquette Tip 4: Be wary about the CC button.

>> Netiquette Tip 3: Be gracious.

>> Netiquette Tip 2: Be Proactive.

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