Friday, June 20, 2008

Rabbits, Lions, Giraffe Hair, Oh My!

Not only did they do different animals, but they are all shiny too.
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Jun 17 2008These Animal Hairdos Are Turning Me On


Yow yow! There are few things sexier in the world than animal hairdos or eating steak off a naked woman's back while watching Sportscenter. Just look at these things -- hot, hot, hot! Especially the two I put together for that picture, because it looks like the two women are about to go at it, and the animals as well. So not only are you getting a sexy cat fight, but you're getting an erotic dingo/rhino battle to boot. Damn, my glasses are fogging up. And not just because I poured hot coffee in my face, although that probably contributed. So ladies, first one to get an animal hairdo wins a date with yours truly, The Geekologie Writer. Get the hair down there (beaver!) done too and I'll marry you.

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