Thursday, April 17, 2008

Roses for Freecycling Hook Rug Kit

Sometimes giving without expecting anything in return unexpectedly gets you a surprise gift. I contributed an blue and white Antique Blue rug latch hook kit to Freecycle Sunnyvale. Freecycling is a community based recycling. If you have something that's still usable but maybe not saleable or in shape to give to charity, then you can freecycle it. You can also request something you want to borrow or have that hasn't been offered. Just go to the Freecycle Finder homepage, and look for the program in your neighborhood.

Anyway, the good thing about my latest freecycle is that I got fresh, homegrown roses in return. The kind that smell at least five times more intense than the kind you get from the florist. The fern fronds that came with the flowers really make the flowers pop. Imagine getting these for getting rid of something you weren't using anyway?

Picture of Flowers by Themselves

Nosey Culo Investigating Flowers

Now it's Doggy Sculpture's Turn to Sniff Roses

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