Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today, at the One Brick picnic, there was a great, only in Silicon Valley moment.

We had "picnic" games like 3 legged race, sack race, hula hoop contest, water gun fights, etc. One of the games was tug-o-war, over a kiddie pool of ice water. After one of the tug-o-war sessions, the losing team all fell or got dragged a few feet on the grass. After everyone got up and went to talk to the other side there were two things left on the losing side. The rope and a Treo.

The organizers spent the next 10 minutes going around the picnic yelling "Who's phone is this? Someone lost their phone at the tug-o-war." Where else on the planet, would someone lose their smartphone, in a tug-o-war competition and not notice for over 10 minutes?

OK, I guess you had to be there. It was funny at the time.

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