Saturday, July 29, 2006

Culo in Puppywars

Culo is now officially part of Puppywars, so be sure to vote for him when his picture comes up.
Culo at Puppywars

I uploaded the picture on Thursday and now he's in rotation. So far, he's been in battle for 7 matches:
* Won: 4 [67%]
* Lost: 2 [33%]
* Drawn: 1

It's a picture of Culo enjoying his 9th Birthday cake last January. The dog bone shaped cake was from Five Paws Bakery of Los Altos. To pet haters who don't believe people should do silly things for their pets as long as there is hunger in the world, the cake was less than $15. You can't get a custom made human cake for that much.

By the way,
Puppywars has a dog blog called the Daily Puppy. Check it out if you can't get enough doggyness.

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