Sunday, June 04, 2006

Go Erhan Go! From San Francisco to Los Angeles on Bike

Wooohooo! Go Erhan!

Erhan Erdem

Today is the first day on my friend's, Erhan Erdem, bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. He's been training since last September and now away he goes. I'm looking forward to tracking the blog over the next week to follow their adventures. Who knows, Erhan may even show up in the aidslifecycle Flickr photo gallery. His 1 goal.2 tires.7 days.585 miles blog is all about him, so there's no competing with other riders.

He's participating in the Experience AIDS/LifeCycle official cycling event of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Over the next week, they'll bike 585 miles through beautiful California. Even though the minimum to participate was $2500, Erhan raised more than twice that through friends and co-workers. I guess working at eBay, which matches funds for donations, doesn't hurt. Being a nice guy engineer at Netscape and AOL, where we both worked, pays off too.

I'm sure the Foundation is still taking donations if you want to help Erhan get to over $6000 in donations.

Watch out for any speeding fools and don't become roadkill!

Experience AIDS/LifeCycle Map

Experience AIDS/LifeCycle Map

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Erhan said...

I just saw this posting (and the other one which you posted after my ride). Thanks for supporting me and promoting it through your blog!